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Here is what people are saying about our Enterprise Architecture Courses...

"Knotion delivered an excellent TOGAF course. The framework is pitched appropriately - focusing on the extraction of value from using the relevant parts of the methodology - without diverging to a degree that it becomes unrecognisable, allows the attendees to take what they need, while benefiting from the logical consistency of the framework. Their ability to mix the theory of the framework with real life examples added a lot of value."

- Chief Operating Officer, ABSA Namibia -

"I thoroughly enjoyed the course, little overwhelming but very interesting. The course not only put meaning and structure around the enterprise architecture discipline, but also gave an approach to 'HOW TO' go about implementing it correctly. I now have some of the tools to ask the relevant questions and to guide and drive my executive"

- Comment about the Advanced Enterprise Architecture Course -

This course has taken my knowledge of EA and TOGAF to the next level. It has highlighted the advantages of an EA program as well as how to go about implementing TOGAF.

- Comment about the Advanced Enterprise Architecture Course -

This was an eye opening experience which liberated my thinking towards enterprise architecture and the real value EA can and must provide to any organization

- Comment about the Advanced Enterprise Architecture Course -

"Definitely one of the best IT courses I have attended in a long time. Excellent."

- Enterprise Solution Architect - Sydney Australia -

"The instructor was exceptionally knowledgeable and delivered the course content very well."

- Principal Consultant - Queensland Health Australia -

"Excellent training course. Covered a lot of material. Good balance between course duration and material covered."

- Chief Architect - Enterprise Architects Melbourne Australia -

"Presenter was well versed and interacted with all the various business areas well. Fun yet very educational. I would do another course with her any time."

- Architect - SARS RSA -