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ArchiMate 2

ArchiMate 2 is an open and independent graphical modelling language for Enterprise Architecture.

It is an international, vendor-independent standard of The Open Group, liberating you from the lock-in of vendor-specific tools and frameworks. The ArchiMate Forum of The Open Group provides active support, free of charge.

Knotion's ArchiMate 2 course prepares delegates for certification against the current ArchiMate 2 standard. The success rate of your enterprise architecture effort is dramatically increased when the use of ArchiMate 2 is correctly and efficiently addressed within your organisation (There are case studies to prove this).

Why ArchiMate 2 - Is it not merely another modelling language?

  • Set to become the benchmark in EA language and modelling
  • No more ‘fuzzy’ EA
  • Lean and simple
  • Compliments TOGAF®
  • Aligns with UML and BPMN
  • Tried and tested
  • Consulting and software support widely available

What will ArchiMate 2 training mean to you

  • Equip you with solid ArchiMate background
  • Knowledge of and experience with the ArchiMate language for modelling and architecture description
  • Knowledge of and experience with the ArchiMate language and techniques for visualising architectures
  • Allow you to take the ArchiMate 2 Certification examination. Only attendees of an accredited training course that pass the practical exercises during the course are allowed to take the certification exam

Course contents

  • Background in the developments of ArchiMate 2
  • Basic concepts and definitions
  • ArchiMate meta model and language principles
  • Concepts of business architecture
  • Concepts of application architecture
  • Concepts of technology architecture
  • Relationships between concepts
  • ArchiMate language extensions
  • Modelling with ArchiMate
  • Views and viewpoints
  • Visualization of architectures
  • Tool support for ArchiMate
  • ArchiMate and TOGAF
  • ArchiMate and other modeling languages
  • Practical exam

Course Details

  • Duration: 2 days
  • Format: Instructor-based with exercises.
  • Cost: R8 000 excl VAT.
  • Target Audience: Architects and business analysts or those desiring to better understand the Architecture discipline. The course covers all facets of the Architecture Development Method and Framework and as such all types of Architects will benefit from the course. Both Business and Technical
  • Number of Attendees: Minimum: 10 Maximum: 14 (Please note minimum numbers only apply to dedicated company sessions)

Terms and Conditions

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  • Knotion reserves the right to alter course schedules
  • Any discount offered requires full pre-course payment.

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