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TOGAF 9 ® Accredited Training
TOGAF® 9 Training

The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF®) is becoming the de facto international certification for Architects at all levels. The Open Group updated the TOGAF® architecture framework to TOGAF® 9.1 Enterprise Edition in 2012.

A lot of the work on TOGAF® 9 was around not just what architecture should have, but how to make it work within business and technology scenarios. TOGAF 9 is a detailed method and set of supporting resources for developing an Enterprise Architecture within a business. It represents an industry consensus framework and methodology for enabling business execution.

The Knotion TOGAF® course prepares delegates for certification against the current TOGAF® 9 best practice as understood by Architects worldwide and documented under The Open Group’s Architecture Framework. The opportunity to obtain this certification is also included in the course.

Scope of the Training

At the end of the training participants will:

  • Understand the new concepts introduced to TOGAF® in version 9
  • Understand the business rationale behind Enterprise Architecture and TOGAF®
  • Have an understanding of the overall structure and contents of the TOGAF® 9 document and the key subject matter content
  • Have an overall and detailed understanding of the ADM development cycle and all the phases that make up the cycle including for each phase:
    • Objectives and approach to the phase
    • Inputs to the phase
    • Steps
    • Outputs / Deliverables
  • Be able to use the techniques defined for use in Architecture development including:
    • Stakeholders involved and their role, concerns + look at views and Viewpoints
    • Architecture Principles and Architecture patterns, views and viewpoints
    • Business Scenarios, with goals & objectives
    • Planning and analysis techniques
    • Interoperability
    • Assessing & Readiness of the business
    • Managing risk
  • Understand the guidelines for adapting the ADM processes
    • For SOA, and Security considerations
    • Adapting for iterations and different enterprise levels
  • Gain sound understanding of the Architecture Content Framework and the purpose / content of each of the elements including:
    • Content Metamodel
    • Architecture building blocks and their relationships to the A.D.M
    • Architecture Artefacts
    • Architecture Deliverables
  • Understanding of the Enterprise Continuum and the Architecture Repository, including:
    • Contents of the Architecture Repository
    • Make-up of the Enterprise Continuum, including the Architecture and Solutions Continuum
    • Architecture Partitioning
  • Have a detailed understanding of the concepts, taxonomy and graphical representations of the TOGAF® Reference Models and their application, including:
    • Foundation Architecture
    • Technical Reference Mode  (TRM)
    • Integrated Information Infrastructure Reference Model  (III-RM)
    • Applications and Service
    • Qualities
    • Understand boundary-less information flow
    • The Standards Information Base
    • Core metamodel concepts
  • How to establish an architecture capability
  • Setting up / running an Architecture Board
  • Understanding of:
    • Architecture compliance and contracts
    • Architecture governance  and processes / role within TOGAF® ADM
    • Architecture maturity assessments / models
    • Need for and make-up of Architecture skills framework
    • Tools, techniques and methods for architectural development

Course Details

  • Duration: 5 days
  • Format: Instructor-based with exercises.
  • Cost: R18 500 excl VAT and including The Open Group Certification. Ask about our early bird special for payments received more than 2 weeks before the start of the course.
  • Target Audience: Architects or those desiring to better understand the Architecture discipline. The course covers all facets of the Architecture Development Method and Framework and as such all types of Architects will benefit from the course. Both Business and Technical
  • Number of Attendees: Minimum: 6 Maximum: 16 (Please note minimum numbers only apply to dedicated company sessions)
  • Certification: Internationally recognised Certificate from The Open Group. (Assuming delegate demonstrated sufficient understanding). The price for certification for level 1 and 2 combined is US$400
  • Handouts: Training manual Feel free to Download the full TOGAF® 9.1 Specification from www.opengroup.org and bring it with you.

Terms and Conditions

  • Our prices remain valid for 10 working days from the date of the quotation
  • All prices quoted are subject to change based on exchange rate fluctuations and exclude VAT unless otherwise indicated
  • Purchase Order number needed to secure delivery of service
  • Knotion reserves the right to alter course schedules
  • Any discount offered requires full pre-course payment.

Knotion's TOGAF 9.1 and ArchiMate 2.0 courses are accredited by The Open Group.

If you are interested in participating in our TOGAF® training, please click here to select the course that you wish to attend.click here to provisionally book your place. Bookings will only be confirmed upon proof of payment (Details for payment will be provided on receipt of your booking request).